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People who are very special to me~

This guy has done so much for me ever since I got talking to him last year. He is the nicest, most forgiving, most amazing person I have ever come across online / irl. I am honored to be able to say that I know him and I will do anything for him to show how truly grateful and loyal I am towards him. I cannot really put what I feel for him into words... except I hope that he knows that what I feel for him is true, and I will never, EVER push him out of my life again... I will forever regret some things I did and said towards him, but I have learnt from my mistakes now and if there is anything that he ever needs, he knows that I am willing to do it for him.

I have known Bori for a long time now. He is one of the most unique people who I have ever spoken to online and I love talking with him just to hear his opinions on different things. Every time I talk with him I feel as though I learn something new about him or different outlooks on life in general, which is what I love about talking with him. He is also one of the few people who I can have an INTELLIGENT chat with and still have a ton of fun!

He's a squid.

I used to know this guy irl, but he moved back to the USA for personal reasons. I won't lie, this guy has probably screwed up my life in every position possible, but I am so glad that I met him. He sees me as his mentor and I am happy to see him as a "student". I hope that our friendship will be eternal :)

I have only started to talk with this guy recently, but I am pretty sure that me and Chaos have become best friends over the space of five days. We are very alike, we have many many things in common. Such as both of us share the favorite movie (The Dictator), we both love Family Guy, American Dad, ponies and we both like hugs! He is such a cool guy to talk to, but is far too modest and underestimates himself so much. He is a great guy and is so funny too, I have had some really fun Skype calls with him and I hope to have many more!

This guy is a complete butt. He is really really caring, but can get pretty overprotective sometimes! He acts as a father figure to me and cares for me a hell of a lot, and I care for him more than he knows and thinks. I hope that we will stay as close as we are now... I want him to be as happy as he can be. cursedblade1337 , your smile is really, really cute and regardless of everything I want you to keep smiling for me.

I go to the same school as this girl and I am really sad that we didn't become as close as we are earlier! She is one of my best friends and is really funny. We have so much in common and she is really awesome to hang out with. We are now in the same form (we weren't before) so I am sure that we can still meet up and have our Omegle fun together!!

She goes to the same school as everything-girl and myself and is also one of my best friends irl! I wish that I had gotten to know her better earlier too, since we only got talking really in December last year (I think?). She is incredibly random and funny and also does amazing art - it's just a shame that she can't upload it! I hope that we can continue to meet up a lot along with everything-girl ^^

I have looked up to Emily in terms of her art for a long time now and have wanted to talk with her properly for a long time. So now that we do talk a fair amount and she counts me as a friend of hers, I am incredibly happy and honored. I feel as though we have a good understanding of each other despite being very different people, we have a lot in common at the same time. I am always happy to be there for her whenever she needs me and I will always support her in any way that I can :)

This girl is one of the people who I have to say that I look up to. I feel as though we can relate to each other a lot and that although we many not have THAT many things in common - I love talking with her and I will really really miss our French and science lessons together. I hope that we can stay in contact and that this girl will achieve her dreams since she deserves it a hell of a lot and has so much potential and ambition <3

This dude is incredibly funny with a super loveable personality! He can be sensitive at times, but he is also very understanding and sweet if you need to vent or talk about something with him. He can be very dirty minded, perhaps even worse than me! But, that doesn't make him a bad person at all. I am very, very glad that I know this guy and I am also glad to say that he is one of my closest friends :3

THIS DUDE is an amazing musician and was one of the two people who inspired me to make music! If it wasn't for Gary, I probably wouldn't know half of the people who I talk to online today. Just talking to him is an honor and I may or may not have completely fangirled out when he sent me that private video of him opening up that present I made for him, and also when he put my username in his sub box on YouTube.... I am very grateful to Gary and I hope that me and him can become closer :)

Alice was probably one of my first ever internet friends and I am glad that we have stayed close for the time that we have! This girl has a lot of talent when it comes to art and a hell of a lot of originality when it comes to back-stories and ideas. She is such a fun person to talk with and I count her as one of my best friends. I hope that maybe one day me and her will meet irl, since she would be so fun to hang out with! I hope that our friendship will keep lasting and that we will stay as close as we are for a long time!!

This guy has an amazing talent for art and scaring straight guys XD. He is so funny and cool to talk to, and have I mentioned that he is an amazing artist? His personality is brilliant, and some of the things he says I believe could win him awards in the world of comedy. Seriously, BlackmannLP has a ton of potential and I am so glad that I've had the opportunity to talk with him and get to know him. I hope that I will also get to talk with him a lot more ^^

Crunchy is such an awesome guy. His art style has improved a lot since I first got talking with him, and he is a really cool guy in general to talk to. I will never forget some of the Skype calls that we have had involving playing truth or dare, and some of the dares that he actually did are just pure gold! He has recently started to draw porn, which is freaking awesome! I hope to continue to see this guy grow as an artist since he has so much potential within him!


Base edit
DOLL: Kona's official debut by Zehnnyan
DOLL: Neon ponies gonna kick yo ass by Zehnnyan
DOLL: Happy Seda! by Zehnnyan
Send me a base that you want me to use, as long as it's okay with the base maker.
Single lined base edits cost 40 points per pony, normal base edits cost 60 points per pony.
Please send me a decent reference to your pony and a vector of the cutie mark. Also, you may have to send extra points depending on how complex your pony is to draw.
Custom Galaxi Dragon
Candy themed Galaxi Dragon AUCTION 20 POINTS by Zehnnyan
Galaxi Dragon AUCTION: SOLD by Zehnnyan
Pixel Darknny by Zehnnyan
These are more expensive, I will make a custom of my own species, the Galaxi Dragon. More information can be found about them in the description here:…
Please send me a colour scheme / theme and details on how you want your dragon to look. Please make sure it is within the guidelines of the description.
Normal Pony
Commission 2/2 for benybing by Zehnnyan
Commission for Balance-Song by Zehnnyan
King of the forest by Zehnnyan
I will draw your pony / ponies from scratch using a thick outline. Starting price is 30 points. You will need to send me 10 - 25 more points depending on how complex you want the pony ponies to be. If you want me to add shading, it is an extra 20 points on top of that.
More information here…
Pixel pony
Commission for Bow-Stitches by Zehnnyan
Commission for tyderbygirl by Zehnnyan
Princess Iris the earth pony by Zehnnyan
I will draw your pony / ponies from scratch using a single lined outline. Starting price is 20 points. You will need to send me 10 - 25 more points depending on how complex you want the pony ponies to be. If you want me to add shading, it is an extra 20 points on top of that.
More information here…
Backgrounds / Cover art
Kendra's peaceful flight by Zehnnyan
Moon of dreams (Zehnny mashup) cover art by Zehnnyan
Seda background by Zehnnyan
Starting price is 50 points. I will make a custom background for you and I will add a pony / ponies onto it. The same applies with cover art. You will need to send me 10 - 25 points more if you want a pony on it, and an extra 10 - 25 points if you want more than one pony. If you want me to use a base for a pony / ponies on the background / cover art make sure it is okay with the base maker for me to make commissions. Also make sure you send me a link to the base.
More information here…
Custom pony
Custom Pony for Cj-Rav3r by Zehnnyan
Custom for trixypuff by Zehnnyan
Custom for rainbowtune by Zehnnyan
These cost 30 points if you want me to use a base.
It is 50 points if you want me to draw it freehand.
If you want em to draw it freehand, it is another 20 points on top of that.
More information here…

Journal History

So..... Zehnator is canon <3 

9 deviants said yeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!



Stolen from everything-girl

Fill in the gaps and comment

I ____ you.
You have (a) nice ______.
You make me _______.
You should _______.
Someday I will ______.
You + me = ________.
If I saw you now I'd __________.
I want to ________ you.
I would build a _______ just for you.
If I could sing you any song it would be _________.
We could __________ under the stars.
(P.S. ______________.)

Oh and I am __________ (going/not going) to post this in my journal and see what you write about me.


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