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Base edit
DOLL: Kona's official debut by Zehnnyan
DOLL: Neon ponies gonna kick yo ass by Zehnnyan
DOLL: Happy Seda! by Zehnnyan
Send me a base that you want me to use, as long as it's okay with the base maker.
Single lined base edits cost 40 points per pony, normal base edits cost 60 points per pony.
Please send me a decent reference to your pony and a vector of the cutie mark. Also, you may have to send extra points depending on how complex your pony is to draw.
Custom Galaxi Dragon
Candy themed Galaxi Dragon AUCTION 20 POINTS by Zehnnyan
Galaxi Dragon AUCTION: SOLD by Zehnnyan
Pixel Darknny by Zehnnyan
These are more expensive, I will make a custom of my own species, the Galaxi Dragon. More information can be found about them in the description here:…
Please send me a colour scheme / theme and details on how you want your dragon to look. Please make sure it is within the guidelines of the description.
Normal Pony
Commission 2/2 for benybing by Zehnnyan
Commission for Balance-Song by Zehnnyan
King of the forest by Zehnnyan
I will draw your pony / ponies from scratch using a thick outline. Starting price is 30 points. You will need to send me 10 - 25 more points depending on how complex you want the pony ponies to be. If you want me to add shading, it is an extra 20 points on top of that.
More information here…
Pixel pony
Commission for Bow-Stitches by Zehnnyan
Commission for tyderbygirl by Zehnnyan
Princess Iris the earth pony by Zehnnyan
I will draw your pony / ponies from scratch using a single lined outline. Starting price is 20 points. You will need to send me 10 - 25 more points depending on how complex you want the pony ponies to be. If you want me to add shading, it is an extra 20 points on top of that.
More information here…
Backgrounds / Cover art
Kendra's peaceful flight by Zehnnyan
Moon of dreams (Zehnny mashup) cover art by Zehnnyan
Seda background by Zehnnyan
Starting price is 50 points. I will make a custom background for you and I will add a pony / ponies onto it. The same applies with cover art. You will need to send me 10 - 25 points more if you want a pony on it, and an extra 10 - 25 points if you want more than one pony. If you want me to use a base for a pony / ponies on the background / cover art make sure it is okay with the base maker for me to make commissions. Also make sure you send me a link to the base.
More information here…
Custom pony
Custom Pony for Cj-Rav3r by Zehnnyan
Custom for trixypuff by Zehnnyan
Custom for rainbowtune by Zehnnyan
These cost 30 points if you want me to use a base.
It is 50 points if you want me to draw it freehand.
If you want em to draw it freehand, it is another 20 points on top of that.
More information here…

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I was tagged by everything-girl 


- Go to

- Put all the names from your friend's list in the box(line for each name)

- Click 'randomize'

- Use the names as they appear to answer the stuff below OR click 'randomise again' and use only the name that appears first each time.

- No cheating!

- If you run out of names before you answered all the stuff, just randomize and start again!

-if you have more than 15 friends, just use the first 15 that come out of the randomiser. 

-Write next to their names in the journal what they would say! 

Mental Hospital friends:

1.) Your room-mate:
SSJSeanNelson07X :iconssjseannelson07x:

2.) Your Doctor: alice-rose27k :iconalice-rose27k:


3.) Person licking the windows:EpicFlameBoi :iconepicflameboi:

4.) Person stashing food in the corners: Ramon906 :iconramon906:

5.) Person acting like an animal: everything-girl :iconeverything-girl:

6.) Person helping you escape: popmannn :iconpopmannn:

7.) Person yelling nonsense about clowns: xxlizzie-hhxx :iconxxlizzie-hhxx:

8.) Person who is running around with a frying pan: dres870 :icondres870:

9.) Person who believes that he/she is able to control when the end of the world occurs: BlackmannLP :iconblackmannlp:

10.) Person going crazy: KYR-R33VY :iconkyr-r33vy:

11.) Person who was under at least ten restraining orders: CrunchtheDestroyer :iconcrunchthedestroyer:

12.) Person who is strapped down to their bed: LittleLostDarkSoul :iconlittlelostdarksoul:

13) Person who thinks that they are god: GotchaGazza :icongotchagazza:

14) Person who is actually sane: super-Gem13 :iconsuper-gem13:

15) Person who thinks they are a pony ninja with a pet dinosaur: cursedblade1337 :iconcursedblade1337:

I tag whoever wants to do this ^^


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Hey! My name is Rhiannon, but you can call me Rhia for short. I am a musician and I make music with my boyfriend, cursedblade1337 ! I go by the name of Zehnny and he goes by the name of BlackFox.

I am a brony / pegasister! And a lot of the art and music that I make is pony based.

My friend code for 3DS is 3093-7955-0216 feel free to add me! Just make sure that you send me yours too!!

My ponysona~ Vyvyan pixely thing by Fluffomaru
The beautiful one~ Chariming pixely thing by Fluffomaru
My most empathetic friend~ Skaperen pixely thing by Fluffomaru
My most sympathetic friend~ Moonsida pixely thing by Fluffomaru

:la:~My deviantART family~:la:
(Message me if you want to be apart of it :3)
:iconcursedblade1337: Husband ~ cursedblade1337
:iconblackmannlp: Mine and my husband's other husband~ BlackmannLP
:iconepicflameboi: The black sheep of the family ~ EpicFlameBoi
:iconlittlelostdarksoul: My waifu ~ LittleLostDarkSoul
:iconmiraravenheart: Family hobo cat ~ MiraRavenheart
:iconqueen-sombrea: Sister ~ Queen-Sombrea
:icontwilight-fox13: Cousin ~ Twilight-Fox13
:iconliveartaslifeart: Little sister ~ liveartaslifeart
:iconkyr-r33vy: My brother who thinks of himself as a sister ~ KYR-R33VY
:iconeverything-girl: The insane fox lady ~ everything-girl (and Lily as a sister)
:iconscrewballthepirate: The pirate hobo ~ ScrewballthePirate
:icongiambo96: My cousin ~ Giambo96
:iconastralbronycorp: The old guy who sits in chairs all day and has young kids do his bidding ~ AstralBronyCorp
:iconsonicdash777: My elder braniac brother ~ SonicDash777
:iconcrunchthedestroyer: My gay uncle ~ CrunchtheDestroyer
:iconposhtotty1234: My long lost sister ~ poshtotty1234 - Free Quizzes

Gamquistu - I could survive for 414 days in the Zombie Apocalypse! How long could you?

Gamquistu - Games, Quizzes and Stuff.

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What Kind Of Pony Are You?
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You're so psychologically smart.
You mindfuck me.
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It's scary to think that I'll be 19 soon yet I'm still acting like a high drunk seven year old who knows a lot about sex
I'm also gonna sniff your armpits and then rub toast over your chest
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Hey, Rhia, would your boyfriend be mad if I spammed your page? ;3
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